Killer Santa on the Loose!

My mom has a Santa collection, and in recent years one of these Santa’s escapes his post and attacks all the other figurines on display. He normally is a cute Santa with a tree in hand an ax in the other. Take away the tree and there you have it: An ax murdering Santa is on the loose! Who does he get this year? Stay tuned for a few episodes of: KILLER SANTA!

imageHere are some of the Santa’s standing proudly in their posts, awaiting for Christmas to arrive. Even the Scottish Santa is eager so he plays a tune. Here comes this little Santa over on the right. It appears he has cut down a Christmas tree! I wonder what is on his mind…image…uh oh…watch out, Sister Mary! It looks like you’re his first victim of the year! No, Santa, NO! What will the Christians think?!?….imageHelp has been called, but they are no match against the Killer Santa! The clown watches in horror as the army man retreats!imageWhat! Killer Santa bloodied up the Christmas tree! Oh my gosh I can’t bare to look!imageHe makes his way into the kitchen, only to mark his territory. What a bloody mess on the pomegranate! How could you, Killer Santa!imageWild board to the rescue! Watch out…they’ve got a mean bite!imageSanta ease drops on these Santa’s congregating. Will they help Killer Santa see his ways? Or will they seek revenge?? Stay tuned for next time on: Killer Santa!

Duerr Conspiracy

I’m not sure what brought this up in my mind, maybe it’s the holidays, I don’t know. But I came across the thought that I rarely see family. That’s weird right?

Most people who know me and know me well understand that I’m super family oriented: It’s #1 on my list no questions asked. But if you were to ask me how the rest of them were doing like my cousins, aunts, or uncles, I’d say, “fine” but quite frankly I wonder the same thing myself. And too often, if that.

My cousins and I barely know each other. Two of them live out of the state, and the rest are still on their way to becoming young adults, which I think we’ll be come closer as they get older. Still, I gotta wonder, why wasn’t it always the way it could’ve been?

I get approached about my cousins quite often. I hear things like say, “Oh no way! You’re Tommy Duerr’s cousin!” or “Scotty Duerr’s niece” or “Bob Duerr’s daughter!”. Hell yeah I’m a Duerr! I take pride in my name, but I’d be more grateful if I had the other Duerr’s to share that pride with.

The truth is, we are very, very distant. I’m more in touch with my out-of-state-non-blood-related cousins than I am with my first cousins. We never really grew up together (surely for certain reasons I don’t want to get into), but I’m sad that I don’t hear from my older cousins once in a while. I didn’t even get a Happy Birthday this year, and it breaks my heart.

I’m so over pretending I know a lot about them. I’m done pretending that I “forgot” about parties they’ve thrown that honestly I just wasn’t invited to. I’m done pretending that we’re family when we’re not and fuck it, we should be. At least for Grandma’s sake while she’s still with us!

I doubt they’re reading this now, but if they are, I hope you know I miss you guys and would like to get to know you, like we should’ve 20 years ago. I’m serious. Billy, I know we got to bond once in a blue moon and that was nice. Tommy, I hope you’re kicking ass in San Diego with your Lax camp. I hear nothing but amazing things about you both. Maybe we were brought up as long-distance cousins, and that’s ok I guess. But please reach out to me once in a while. Em, Care, and Jess: I love all three of you and cannot wait to see you all again. Hopefully sooner than later.

Let’s make this holiday season different. If you’re in town, all of you, can we plan something? A get together, some time for drinks, a party, whatever? Please and thanks.

Absolutely brilliant

my boobs are itchy…time to blog!

for months on end I haven’t been able to log onto this name, therefore I created a new one which SUCKED. Feels good to be back.

I will attempt to blog in my name, Kristaduerrface, or to really dig into my brain I’ll blog on Tuck. chyeeeessssss!!!


Similarities between Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction.

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: It's Perfectly Okay to Suck.


You pick up an instrument and you suck; you put it down.

You go running and it starts to hurt; you stop.

You go on a diet and you don’t notice a change; you quit.

If this sounds like you in any way, shape, or form, then keep reading. You’re not alone. Time and time again we…

…couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you to my friend, Dan Navas, for your brilliant words of wisdom. I needed to read this, especially today where I felt useless and confused with my life.


Autism “Awareness” - Ten Things You Should Know 

I was very nervous to make this video, so I would really appreciate it if you would watch it and let me know what you think :)

If you know someone with an autism spectrum disorder such as classic autism or Aspergers syndrome, this video might help you understand a little bit more about why we are the way that we are.

This is very insightful for those who work in the field of ABA Therapy or other related services. Share this with everyone you know anyway, so they can understand too!



New York Year, Time-Lapse Film Featuring a Year in New York City

this makes me miss living there so incredibly much!

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